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Our Story

How it all started

Our story is a local one. My brothers and I grew up in the Arcadia neighborhood and attended Hopi Elementary, Ingleside Middle and Arcadia High School. With our mom being a teacher at Hopi and our dad coaching as many tee ball teams as he possibly could, our roots in this community grew early and deep. After high school, all three of us ended up getting degrees in the liberal arts with aspirations in the world of academia. But this was not to be our future!

One by one, the restaurant industry pulled us in, and we began our careers in hospitality with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. We found that this was a world that allowed us to realize our truest passion: loving people through service. Having chased this passion through numerous restaurants and companies, we’ve finally found a permanent home at Base Pizzeria.

Previously owned by siblings, there was such a positive and seamless transfer to our family: my brothers David, Daniel and me. I was lucky enough to be one of the first employees at Base back in 2015 and have watched it grow into something very special.

We are so excited to continue the pursuit of serving organic, local ingredients from our little corner of the Biltmore.

Come join us for some incredible wood-fired pizza, and let us feed you til you’re happy and love you til you’re full!



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